Tornadoes can strike at any time–day or night. Our region has seen its share of deadly tornadoes. From the Tri-State Tornado in 1925 that still holds records that experts believe may never be broken. “Project Tornado” aims to raise awareness about these powerful storms and give you the resources to improve your chances of survival if a tornado strikes.

The Storm Track 3 team looks back at deadly tornadoes throughout our region. What made them unique? How is their impact still being felt in communities like Marion, Harrisburg, and Perryville? We’ve also got you covered with tips on know where the safest place to be is inside your home or public spaces.

Our region has seen tornadoes on all levels of the Enhanced Fujita Scale. News 3’s Jacie Brianne breaks down what the E-F scale means and how each level has impacted local communities.

News 3’s Nick Hausen also digs deeper into the history of the Tri-State Tornado. Its impact is still being felt in communities like Murphysboro.

Would you know what to do if a tornado drops from the sky and you are in your car? News 3 Chief Meteorologist Jim Rasor has you covered on the best way to stay safe.

In 1982, a tornado in Marion left a path of destruction. One survivor shared her story with us and we caught up with the local man who helped save her life.

Tornadoes can strike at any time including in the Winter months. News 3’s John Ross shows us how those tornadoes impacted towns like Harrisburg, IL. and Perryville, MO.

What happens if a tornado strikes and you aren’t at home? Swift action will be key.

If you are at home when a tornado strikes, having a plan in place is critical. News 3’s Chief Meteorologist Jim Rasor shows us where the safest spot is inside your house.

And if you are outside the danger increases. We caught up with one Massac County woman who survived by finding shelter outdoors.

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