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Petitions pop up urging authorities to give ‘Car Wash James’ the reward money for locating Alabama fugitives

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James Stinson, owner of Weinbach Car Wash in Evansville, spoke with 44News on Monday after spotting escaped Alabama inmate Casey White on his business's security camera

James Stinson, manager of Weinbach Car Wash in Evansville, called 44News on Monday after spotting escaped Alabama inmate Casey White on his business's security cameras

One question still left on everyone’s mind after the pursuit of Casey White and Vicky White came to an end, is if the man responsible for alerting police of their presence in Evansville, will get the reward money.

The chase for Casey White and Vicky White in Evansville seemed to start at the Weinbach Car Wash after manager, James Stinson, got a weird feeling about the truck that was abandoned on his property.

“Eight minutes. It’s all it took. Eight minutes,” says James Stinson.

That’s how long Casey White was at Stinson’s car wash hiding their Ford F-150 in plain sight. He then gets into a Cadillac driven by Vicky White and leaves the vehicle behind.

Stinson saw it all go down on his security footage after noticing the car had stuck around overnight. He alerted police and played a significant role in the fugitives' capture. 

The US Marshal Service announced a $10,000 reward on May 1st for information leading to the arrest of the escaped inmate Casey White.

After a warrant was issued for the arrest of Vicky White, US Marshal’s updated their rewards to include a $5,000 dollar prize for information on her. 

Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama announced her own reward for the return of the couple. $5,000 dollars each was the state’s offer.

In total, there was a $25,000 reward for anyone that could lead authorities to Casey White and Vicky White. 

Since the death of Vicky White and the apprehension of Casey White, several petitions have surfaced, vying for ‘Car Wash James’ right to the money.

This includes the petition started by Amber Savallo who has garnered over a thousand signatures.

“He said if you see something, say something and he did. I just really hope that James can get that from them because I feel like he deserves it 100%,” Savallo says.

Other petitions online are attempting to do the same thing, and Stinson says he doesn’t care if he gets the money or not.

“James is just humble. He doesn’t want the attention. He says he doesn’t want the money but he deserves it. He seen something and he said something and that’s all it takes. I just hope that they can see it and the world can see James’ heroism,” Savallo says.

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