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"Questions need to be answered." 10 years after her death, Molly Young's family hopes for resolution

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Molly Young

CARBONDALE (WSIL)---Molly Young was 21 years old, when she was found dead in her ex boyfriend's apartment with a gunshot wound to her head.

Her ex boyfriend, a dispatcher for Carbondale Police, originally reported the death as an overdose, but called shortly after saying she had been shot.

In the cause and manner of death document, Young's death remains undetermined.

Her ex-boyfriend was never charged in the case.

10 years later, Molly's father, Larry Young, continues searching for answers.

"I believe that Molly was murdered," he said. "In the last couple years, I've had a couple experts contact me, wanting to help. And they have been. They have a lot of new evidence that hasn't been investigated yet."

The new information gives Larry hope for Molly's case.

"That's one reason I believe that it'll give the present state's attorney the vantage to something about this case," Larry added.

The Jackson County state's attorney, Joseph Cervantez, said his office will keep pushing for answers.

"Questions need to be answered, and just because it hadn't been prosecuted or hasn't been prosecuted yet, doesn't mean the family are not victims, that she is not a victim. We'll keep asking questions, we'll keep pushing forward and see if there can be a resolution in this case," said Cervantez.

And after the anniversary of her death, Larry said it's time for the truth to come forward.

"This is a travesty and it has been for 10 years. There isn't any coldness to it, it's constantly been on people's minds and it's time to get it resolved," said Larry.

Sunday, March 26th, the group "Justice for Molly" will hold a anniversary Memorial, along with providing updates to the case.

The event starts at 2 pm at Turley Park in Carbondale.