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Illinois’ Kinzinger: Kabul far worse than Saigon

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(AP) -- A Republican congressman who served in the air force in Afghanistan says both the Trump and the Biden administration are to blame for what is happening in Kabul now.

Adam Kinzinger, from Illinois, spoke to The Associated Press about the dramatic scenes from Kabul's airport on Monday, with "people falling off of a C17 aircraft" in the mad scramble to get out. He says: "This is going to make Saigon look like Disney World in comparison."

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Kinzinger added that the "impact to America's reputation" would also be considerable and that "this is an embarrassment to our country." He condemned both Republicans and Democrats for what he said were their efforts "to pin it on one person or one party."

He said "all Republicans, all Democrats bear some blame. And the last administration and this one bear huge."

Kinzinger added: "You really have to question whether this was worth it in the long run."

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