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Part of Route 146 reopens after floodwaters begin to recede

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EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Ill. (WSIL) — Route 146 between East Cape Girardeau and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge reopened Friday.

The Illinois Department of Transportation says the 1,500 feet stretch is only open to local traffic.

Route 146 from East Cape towards Route 3 still has one to two feet of water over the roadway. The reopened portion of the road still has about four inches of water over it. IDOT says the water is receding about two inches per day.

Once the road is clear of water, IDOT crews will work to clear the road of debris and sediment. Crews will also inspect the roadway for damage and repair any they find.

Route 3 leading into McClure is still closed due to high waters

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