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Unsung Hero: Peyton’s lemonade stand for COVID medical staff

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SESSER, IL (WSIL) -- A 7-year-old Sesser girl raised over $1,000 to support COVID healthcare workers in Mt. Vernon.

Second-grader Peyton Pulliam started selling drinks at her lemonade stand as a way to give to support frontline workers. She set a goal of $100 for workers at SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon.

"Because they are working hard with COVID patients," said Peyton.

Peyton posted her efforts in a video on Social Media, made her sign and the lemonade herself, and took care of her stand. There is an image for this Sesser Mayor Jason Ashmore heard about Peyton's efforts and had her speak at the City Council meeting, where she collected more donations. Mom, Raquel said bother she and her husband are very proud of her. There was just one thing Peyton wanted from staff in return.

"Smile," said Peyton. "That was kind of her whole goal whenever she started this. She said that she {really} wanted to be able to give them a smile, so I think that is kind of what fueled her," added Raquel.

Peyton plans to have cupcakes, drinks, buttons/lapel pins, and a card for staff. Raquel says Peyton raised enough money to provide all ICU, ER, Respiratory, and Environmental service staff for all shifts on Saturday. In total, Peyton raised $1,005.

"She's always been very kind and sweet and always thinking about others," said Raquel.

She will deliver everything on Saturday at 1:15 p.m.

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