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Unsung Hero: Cassy Karcher; owner of FemmeFi

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MT. VERNON, IL (WSIL) -- A Mt. Vernon businesswoman and fitness trainer has used her life story to inspire others and give back to her community.

Cassy Karcher is the owner of Femme Fit 618. Her gym has about 250 members and is exclusively for women. She started the gym in 2018 for ladies who want to better their health, make friends, and do it all in a comfortable environment. Not only is she a business owner and certified trainer, but she also teaches several classes a week, all while working as a supervisor at the Walgreens Distribution Center.

Cassy said she knows firsthand the challenges of trying to live a more healthy and fit life. She said she was heavy her entire life, so in 2012 she began her weight loss, eventually losing 100-pounds. But in 2015, Cassy had to have brain surgery after doctors diagnosed her with Chiari Malformation. She said that changed her life forever and motivated her to spend her life helping others reach better health.

"I've been someone who goes into a gym, and they're nervous, and they're scared they are going to mess up, or something's going to happen, and so they don't even take that chance. For me, for helping them, I {just} remember being there, and I remember what that felt like, and so I want women to be able to come here and be fully themselves, and that's {really} what it's all about," said Cassy.

The gym has about 12 instructors, and she and her staff are focused on community, positivity, and uplifting each other. They hold regular fundraisers for the local soup kitchen, sponsor local sports teams, and partner with other local businesses for fundraisers and benefits. To learn more about this Chiari Warrior and her gym, click Femme Fit 618.

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