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New leaders get heated at first city council meeting

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HARRISBURG (WSIL) — The new Harrisburg City Council met Thursday night for the first time with all new commissioners.

Mayor John McPeek was the only one returning to the council. 

McPeek has four new members joining him on the council, one of whom is previous mayor, Ron Morse. 

Other commissioners on the council are Raymond Gunning, Roger Angelly and Rupert Johnson.

Most of the discussions centered around whether the new council should replace the city attorney. 

Morse wants to make a change, but Mayor McPeek wants to keep the current attorney, Todd Bittle.

"I knew there was going to be some things that were going to happen that I probably wouldn’t be happy about," McPeek said. 

News 3 asked McPeek if he thinks there will be issues with the city council going forward, he said possibly. 

"No with other things, but I think with the city attorney thing, there will be issues," McPeek said. 

Also at Thursday night’s meeting, the new council made a motion to hire a new city clerk. 

Terry Jenkins will now hold the position.

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