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Kentucky Treasurer urges commonwealth's divestment from Russian investments

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(WSIL) -- Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball is urging the commonwealth's divestment from Russian investments. 

Ball said she reviewed the state's investment polls and the state currently doesn't have any Russian holdings.

But, after further review the Kentucky Employees Retirement System and County Employees Retirement System have direct and indirect Russian investments. 

Ball said in a statement, "I strongly urge divestment from all current Russian holdings. Outside fund managers who maintain indirect holdings of pension funds should proceed with divestment from Russia. Any individual holdings of pension funds should also be divested through best efforts as soon as possible. The world has been inspired by Ukraine’s heroic fight for freedom, and Kentucky is committed to doing its part to support U.S. sanctions against Russia to stand alongside the sovereign nation of Ukraine."

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has asked the state's employee pension systems to review potential divestment in Russian assets. Pritzker wrote Monday night to the Illinois State Board of Investments, the Teachers' Retirement System and the State Universities' Retirement System asking them "to explore the potential of divesting state pension assets from Russian-based companies and Russian assets.

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