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SIU system approves 2% raise for Carbondale faculty and staff

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CARBONDALE (WSIL)---The SIU system has approved raises for all faculty and staff at the Carbondale campus.

The 2% raise for all SIU employees is the first time they have had a pay increase since 2018.

SIU Chancellor Austin Lane says investing in employees is a thank you for the work they've done, especially during the pandemic.

The raise is part of the newly passed $353 million budget for the university. The 2% pay increase does not only apply to professors, but all employees.

Chancellor Lane said giving the raise incentivizes employees, which will cause a domino effect in bringing even more students to the university.

"It is a reward for what they've been able to do to help us get to that enrollment climb and to keep students as well. Not just enrolling them but to keeping them here. So I'm really excited that we're able to do this and continue to find ways to keep costs at a place where it's going to benefit us in the future," said Lane.

Chancellor Lane also says the raises are not perfect, but a start to get back on track.

Lane also attributes the efficiency of budgeting as a way to get the 2% raises approved through the SIU Board of Trustees.