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‘The Simon Review’ shows southern Illinois heavily benefits from state help

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(WSIL) -- A report from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute in Carbondale suggests that southern Illinois is the biggest benefactor of state funds and revenue.

But on the flip side, the region also suffered the heaviest damage from the 2015-2016 Illinois budget impasse.

The research is part of a 55-page report on 'The Politics of Public Budgeting in Illinois.' It aims to dispel the notion that southern Illinois receives little help from the state, says John Jackson, a visiting professor at the institute.

A chart in the report shows that the 19 southernmost counties received just over $3 in state funding for every dollar spent in Fiscal Year 2014.

But those numbers fell following budget impasse, impacting communities across the state. But Jackson says central and southern Illinois suffered the biggest hits.

"We've made a good deal of comeback over the last two years, but yes we're absolutely feeling the effects," Jackson said. "It's going to take a while to adjust to all of that and to get over it."

But the state is making progress. Jackson says the revenues made from legalized marijuana last year exceeded state expectations. Federal assistance through COVID-19 stimulus relief is also helping.

To read the entire report click here.

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