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Rolling blackouts are not expected

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Southern Illinois (WSIL) -- As temperatures reach new records this summer, rolling blackouts are a big talking point, but shouldn't be expected for our region. 

Ameren with southern Illinois tells News 3 it doesn't plan on rolling blackouts or brown outs. A brown out being where it limits the voltage and not a complete shut down of power. 

One thing that George Justice of Ameren says is power outages could happen with equipment failure. 

"We don't see that happening that's a an unlikely event what's more likely is we would basically have to shut down some customers in the event of a generation shortfall." Says Justice. 

Over to Kentucky Electric Coop, Vice President Joe Arnold tells News 3 though blackouts aren't a concern, the future of electric is. 

When it comes to what is used to produce electricity, Arnold says it's best to have a diverse option than to limit one over the other. 

"Policies by the government have incentivized putting more solar and wind online and taking coal and natural gasses offline. And as a result that is less dependable. And those sources you can't call on in a moments notice." Explains Arnold. 

He also suggests that using solar and wind doesn't work as well when overnight temperatures reach a low into the upper 70's or 80's that is where it's best to use coal or natural gas, than compared to wind or solar.