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Local retailers adapt to COVID-19 restrictions

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Jack and Josies

(WSIL) -- Many small retail stores have been hit hard by COVID-19, but some are finding ways to stay afloat.

Stevens Floral Gifts and Framing and Jack and Josie's toy store in Marion have had a 95-percent drop in business.

The stores are offering curbside pickup in an effort to stay open, both to pay bills and to give employees some hours.

"We're all walk through traffic mainly. Everyone wants to come in and see and touch and feel, and right now, they're just not able to do that," explains owner Brandon Chaplain.

Castle Perilous in Carbondale has also seen a 90-percent loss in business.

In addition to curbside pickup, the store is offering delivery on orders of more than $25. Owner Scott Thorne says games are a great way to spend time with family.

"Cooperate games are good. These are games where you work together playing against the game to try to reach it. So good games like that would be… well there's a game called Pandemic where you're trying to stop the spread of a virus," adds Thorne.

To stay engaged with customers, Castle Perilous is hosting online Dungeons and Dragons sessions and having a miniature painting contest on their Facebook page.

Jack and Josie's has been going live on its Facebook page showing viewers around the store, as well as sharing printable activity pages, and putting together pre-made Easter baskets.

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