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Experts say stick to your brand if you want the COVID vaccine booster

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Vaccine in Arm

(WSIL)---When it comes to booster shots, experts say to stick with the same brand as your initial vaccine.

Not because it is unsafe to mix the brands, but because there isn't enough science to say if it's safe or not.

The CDC calls receiving two different vaccines a 'mixed series'

So far, those that have been able to mix and match vaccine boosters haven't had any negative effects, but federal health officials still discourage the practice due to lack of data.

Dr. Jeff Ripperda from Murphysboro says that while boosters are safe, he is not convinced they are necessary, and issues with mixed series and boosters both come back to the lack of information.

"If you contrast the data that we have regarding the initial vaccine series versus the booster shots, there's kind of no comparison. The science for the vaccines, the first go around, is rock solid. Preliminary data looks like mixing and matching might be ok, but there's no regulatory agency that says it's an ok thing to do," said Dr. Ripperda.

While Dr. Ripperda also says he supports his patients if they want the extra shot, but he is more focused on making sure patients have the first two doses of the vaccine.

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