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Students honored for summer flood work

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WOLF LAKE (WSIL) -- High School Social Science Teacher, Jamie Nash-Mayberry, did a lot of work over the summer.
"Whether it was sandbagging, helping sort supplies, helping people relocate. And I was there sandbagging some of the time, but they were there every day," Nash-Mayberry said. 
School officials and others in the community noticed their work, and wanted to recognize them to start the school year.
Superintendent, Shelly Clover-Hill, acknowledges just how much effort they had to put in. 

"It was so hot this summer, and that's not easy. It wasn't easy for adults, and it's certainly not easy for teenagers. So we are just so, so proud of them,
and we wanted to honor them today, and make sure they knew, that we know how hard they worked this summer," Clover-Hill. 
Teachers are taking this real life situation, and applying skills learned in the classroom.

"They didn't really have a summer, because they were busy volunteering. And it made me so proud as a Civics teacher to see that kind of civic activism... but it's going to get real for a lot of the students because we're going to reach out to our government law makers and we're going to say 'We need help.
We don't want another flood like this. We don't want to see East Cape, and McClure, and Grand Tower, and Wolf Lake go through this anymore. We have to
have changes or it's going to continue to happen."
Beyond returning students to their education, the school is also offering free school supplies that they have received in the form of donations this summer.

"For a lot, it's over, but for some it's not over, and won't be for some time unfortunately, because clean up takes a long time and it's expensive.
And then families have to acquire new things, which is expensive and costly on top of the damage it did to the homes," Clover-Hill said. 
School officials are asking students and their families to contact them if they have any needs beyond school supplies.

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