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Backroads: Big Muddy Hogs

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HURST (WSIL) -- In Williamson County, there's a small meat store where everything sold is raised on the same property.

Big Muddy Hogs is a small family farm in Hurst that sells pasture-raised pork and poultry. 

Roger and Tina Schuttek started with just a few hogs and chickens in 2012, but now raise hundreds of animals. Roger says they keep 24 sows and a couple of boars for breeding. He says they usually generate hundreds of feeder pigs each year that are processed and sold at the farm's store. 

The farm also raises hundreds of Cornish Cross chickens. The chicks are kept in a brooder for three weeks then moved outside to chicken tractors. These portable enclosures allow the chickens to be outside in the sunshine and still be protected from predators.

Roger says they move the tractors every morning to a new clean spot on pasture and this gives them access to all the bugs and grass they can consume, plus it keeps them away from manure buildup allowing them to be raised 100 percent antibiotic-free.

The meat chickens will spend a minimum of eight weeks on the farm before being taken to a processor. Roger added that all meat processing is done at USDA inspected facilities off-site.

Watch the video above to see News 3's Dave Davis' tour of the store and farm. More information on Big Muddy Hogs can be found on the farm's Facebook page.

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