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Hot outdoor surfaces pose risk of burns

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Carterville (WSIL) -- Dr. Anna Little, a Pediatrician with Shawnee Healthcare, says playground burns are a concern in the summer months.

“They fortunately aren’t as common as one might think, but we do have them show up particularly around these times of years where things are just getting heated up a whole lot faster,” Little said.

Dr. Little says parents should keep an eye on their children for signs of burns. 

“The back of the legs is real common for things like slides, and hands because they’re reaching out and touching things,” Little said.

Ultimately, the best way to protect your children, she says, is to know how hot that equipment is. 

“You just need to go feel it yourself, there’s no other substitute for just feeling it, and if it feels too hot for you, it’s too hot for your child," Little said.

Dr. Jeffery Parton, owner of  Quality Care Animal Hospital says the same principle also applies to your pets. 

“If the surface is too hot for a person to touch, it’s too hot for the animal to be walking on,” Parton said. 

Frank Ratay, who likes to take his dog Duke on morning walks, says he’s mindful about where Duke roams.

“We try to get out early and I try to stay in the grassy area, because then his paws don’t get burned," Ratay said. 

Veterinarians recommend checking your pet's paws thoroughly if you suspect a burn was possible.

“The people need to look at the paw, and see, if it’s a light colored pad, and it looks really red, or certainly if it’s blistered, or if there’s skin that’s sloughing off of that pad, then it requires medical attention, that’s not something they can really deal with at home," Parton said. 

Frank typically keeps a close eye on Duke, hoping to keep him from going through any pain. 

“I check him over, you know, actually he had a broken nail so I’m always checking him, yeah." Ratay said.

As hot as the air temperature can get, it’s important to remember that surface temperatures can become much hotter. 

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