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County wants to transfer Whiteash sewer service to Pittsburg

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MARION (WSIL) -- Williamson County commissioners are in talks to transfer sewer service for the former village of Whiteash. 

Despite dissolving in 2016, Whiteash is still formally responsible for its sewer system.

Whiteash officials acquired a bond from the USDA to pay for the system and the county has been paying it off since taking over operations after voters choose to dissolve the village, using money from sewage fees to pay the debt.

County commissioners are talking with Pittsburg officials to take over. Pittsburg already handles Whiteash's water service and Commissioner Jim Marlo said it makes sense for them to handle the sewage as well.

"The main reason is Pittsburg has a sewer and water department; the county does not," Marlo said. "Any time there's an issue with the sewer system, it takes quite a while for the county to engage in addressing the issue simply because we don't have a water and sewer department."

The county board, the Pittsburg council and the USDA have to agree on the plan.

So does the Johnston City council since the town chemically treats Whiteash's sewage.

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