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Anna couple caught in stampede at Navy Pier

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(WSIL) -- A couple from Anna was caught in a stampede of people, after a stabbing at Navy Pier in Chicago.

Police say three people were stabbed and 14 people were injured during a stampede after Fourth of July fireworks. Police arrested 31 juveniles and five adults for disorderly conduct.

Carl and Suzanne Dillow were leaving Navy Pier as the stabbing occurred.

Carl described the scene as chaotic and unimaginable.

"As we started, all of a sudden this wave, whole wave of people started running towards us. I mean knocking people down, running. I've never seen anything like this before. People in front of use were grabbing their babies out of strollers and just leaving strollers in the middle of the street. We saw women that were kicking off their sandals, so they could run on their bare feet faster. I've never seen a riot like this," Dillow said.

Dillow said he picked up three women off the ground, as people were trampling all around them. He said police were yelling, telling everyone to hit the ground. 

"The police started running after them that way and they kept yelling, "everybody get down," that there was a gun. So, we got down on the ground, right in front of Navy Pier by some concrete benches. "

Dillow said the police were yelling, "We have a gun, get on the ground, get on the ground!"

The stabbing happened outside of the secure Navy Pier area, where people are screened for weapons. 

"It was funny that with that many police, there was still, this guy was on a rampage stabbing people," Dillow said.

Carl and his wife grew up in southern Illinois, and he says this was an eye opening experience for the both of them.

"I've never dreamed that we would have been in that type of situation, that we did last night. My wife and I take periodic trips into the city, bigger crowds and never dreamed about this situation. I think that's something that I won't take for granted next time."

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