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Carbondale council approves traffic changes for North Wall Street

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CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- A plan is now in place to slow down traffic where a five-year-old boy was hit by a car and killed ten months ago.

Neighbors living on North Wall Street in Carbondale pushed leaders to make changes.

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Courtney Williams has lived in the area for nearly two decades, raising his kids near the site where Amar Philippe died after being struck by a car in August.

"We have safe drivers. We have people getting home from work, just going home and they respect the law of the land," Williams said. "And then you just have people who just drive crazy."

North Wall Street has a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour and in a report city manager Gary Williams presented Tuesday to the city council, up to a third of those drivers are going more than five miles per hour faster than that.

"It's always been a concern for me about their safety, and I believe that the speed limit around here definitely is an issue with the safety of these children," 

The council approved a four-step plan this week to alleviate some problems with speeding drivers.  

A reduced speed limit of 25 miles per hour on part of Wall Street is one part, along with new crosswalk signs, new bike lanes and an additional stop sign, most likely by Birch Street.  

"I definitely believe it will help and it's definitely needed," Williams said.

But speed bumps on Wall Street are not part of the deal. Williams worries some people won't respect the changes enough without them.

"I believe it's a start. I believe it's a start. I really can't say it's going to be enough because you can't think for other people," Williams said. "The only thing you can really do a lot of times is physical, like speed bumps and things like that, because you never know what kind of state of mind people are in."

He says he's glad city leaders are at least doing something about their concerns.

"We have to start from somewhere, and I believe the speed limits and the signs and things of that nature, that's a start," Williams said. "And we have to be happy with what we can get right now because we really need it."

The additional work Carbondale plans to do is expected to cost about $44,000.

There isn't a scheduled start time for the changes to take effect yet.

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