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Business owner boats in customers during flooding

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OLIVE BRANCH (WSIL) -- Major flooding along the Mississippi River continues to take a toll on folks in Alexander County. Now floodwaters from the Ohio River are causing problems for a business owner in Olive Branch.

"We are just trying to survive," said Sherry Pecord, owner of the Horseshoe Bar and Grill. 

She says Horseshoe Lake is filling up, blocking the entrance to her business. While she is no stranger to flooding in Alexander County, she says the water has been up for months, making it hard to keep her business up and running. 

"We've had to use alternate routes. I mean you haven't been able to travel down this road for probably 60 days now," said Pecord. 

That means customers of the Horseshoe Bar and Grill haven't been able to visit as often as they used to. 

"I don't know how many times I've watched a car come down here and then turnaround and go out. That just hurts my heart every time that happens," said Pecord. 

Over the weekend, her husband began boating people in on the family's pontoon. 

"They were like 'This is really awesome to ride a boat down to the bar' and we had comments on our perseverance and creativeness and all that," said Pecord. 

But most don't understand just how much this woman has persevered. For more than three months, she's been boating to her home which is surrounded by floodwaters from the Mississippi River. But recently, traveling by boat has become even more dangerous. 

"The current around our house is very severe. I'm thankful that its a little bit down, just a smidge, so that it's not right in front of our house. If it was, I would be concerned about it taking our levee out," said Pecord. 

But Pecord remains hopeful, for her home and her business, "We are in the process of getting gravel brought in. They are going to make a gravel alternate route here and it will be gated off and only used in a situation like this." 

She hopes by the fall, the dirt road will be gravel and customers can once again visit her business. 

Pecord says at her home, there hasn't been running water for more than a month and now she's afraid they'll lose power too. Power lines near the home are starting to tilt as the current rushes past.

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