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Quit Smoking: How Vaping Can Help You Kick the Habit



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Why is smoking a bad habit? Well, here are some sobering statistics. Smoking causes more deaths in the US than HIV, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and car accidents combined.

Maybe you’re already aware of this and you want to kick the habit. Maybe you’ve even tried and failed.

Something about using those generic nicotine patches and gum leads you right back to where you started. Don’t even get me started on those weird inhalers that don’t quite give the hit you get from smoking a real cigarette.

Well, there’s some good news. Have you heard about vaping? It’s the best alternative to help you quit smoking once and for all.

Granted it can be a bit of daunting task especially when it comes to choosing the right vaping flavor. But, once you get the hang of it, it is a much healthier alternative to smoking cigs.

In this article, we explore why vaping is a better strategy if you’re trying to quit smoking. Read on.

What Is Vaping

Ever heard of e-cigarettes? If you have, then you should know that they’re also called vapes.

A vape is a device that kind of looks like a cigarette. It allows you to inhale nicotine in a vapor form as opposed to inhaling it in the tobacco smoke you’ve grown accustomed to. The act of using a vape to inhale the vapor is known as vaping.

So, how does vaping work? It’s quite simple. An e-liquid which is the vaping solution is put inside a vape.

This solution contains a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavoring agents. Some may contain vegetable glycerine but this is optional. The solution is then heated to produce the vapor which you inhale via the vape.

Why Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

Tar and carbon monoxide are the two most damaging elements contained in tobacco smoke. The keyword here is smoke. These elements only materialize through the actual act of burning tobacco.

Most people are under the impression that nicotine is harmful to your health. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Nicotine as a substance on its own is actually quite harmless.

Addictive yes, but harmless nonetheless. The chemicals in tobacco smoke are what is harmful to your health. So the whole idea behind vaping is to get all that nicotine goodness in its most natural form, without having to set it ablaze.

That is not to say that all those harmful elements are completely eliminated. They exist at much lower levels.

Types of Vapes

There are numerous types of vapes available if you want to quit smoking. When it comes to choosing the best vape to quit smoking, it boils down to your personal preference. Here are some of the popular e-cigarettes available.

  • Vape pens: As the name suggests, they look and are shaped like pens. The small tube inside has a tank which stores e-liquid. It also comes with rechargeable batteries that last pretty long.
  • Cigalikes: These look identical to tobacco cigarettes. They come with batteries as well, that are either rechargeable or disposable.
  • Pods: These look like USB sticks and are generally more compact. They’re easy to maintain and come rechargeable batteries installed. Suorin Drop Pods are a popular choice.
  • Mods: These are the largest of all vaping devices. They come with longer-life batteries as well as a large refillable tank.

To increase your chances of kicking the habit permanently, you’re better off getting yourself a vape that comes with a refillable tank as opposed to the disposable models. This is because e-cigs with refillable tanks deliver nicotine faster which means you get your hit much quicker than would be the case with their disposable counterparts.

If you’re not a heavy smoker but also want to quit, then a Cigalike is your best bet. You also need to consider how much of a nicotine hit you need to function. E-liquids come in a variety of strengths depending on the concentration of nicotine they contain.

Types of E-Liquids

As is the case with vapes, e-liquids come in numerous types, and strengths. In this section, we’ll look at three of the most popular ones among people who vape.

Tobacco Flavored Liquid

If you’re a heavy smoker attempting to quit for the first time the familiar taste of tobacco will make the transition a whole lot smoother. These e-liquids could either be Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) or synthetic.

The synthetic alternatives are a lot cheaper than the natural ones and are what dominate the market. NET is more high-end. Most vapers eventually evolve from using tobacco flavored liquids to using a myriad of other flavors available in the market.

Fruity Flavored Liquids

The other exotic flavors of e-liquid aside from tobacco flavors are what dominate the market. You’re likely to come across flavors like Lemon Tart, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Buttered Popcorn, Mint, among many more.

Regardless of which flavor you prefer, the concentration of nicotine you’re used to remains the same. Before settling on a particular flavor, we recommend visiting a vape shop to sample some of the available flavors to determine which one works for you.

Once you settle on some, buy single 10ml e-liquids and switch them out when each runs out. That way you’ll eventually learn what kind of flavor you like. In some stores, you have to be at least 21 to buy vaping products.

Salt Nicotine Liquids

In the beginning stages of switching to vaping, most people find nicotine quite harsh on the throat. It can be off-putting especially in high concentrations. This alkaline property is offset using Benzoic acid which lowers the pH of the extracted nicotine.

It, therefore, becomes smooth even at higher strengths. What’s more, the alkalinization of the nicotine liquids makes for faster absorption into the bloodstream giving you that much-needed nicotine hit every first-time vaper looks for.

How Does Vaping Help You Kick the Habit

Thousands of people in the US have already kicked the smoking habit with the help of vaping. Remember, nicotine is the substance in cigarettes that causes your cigarette cravings.

So, if the nicotine can be delivered to your system in a much safer way, then it’s a win-win situation for all. Vaping solves this problem by helping you manage your nicotine cravings.

In order to quit smoking make sure you’re getting your hit of nicotine as often as you need to and in the strength you’re used to. A specialist in a vape shop is better placed to recommend the strength of e-liquid you need to get the full benefit of vaping.

However, when you begin to vape, you need to stop smoking cigarettes altogether. There are no two ways about it.

Benefits of Vaping

Vaping substitutes the physical, social, cultural and psychological elements of cigarette smoking. Aside from these, many smokers find the actual act of vaping quite pleasurable in its own right. Not to mention that it saves you a ton of money if you compared it to what you would spend on endless packs of cigarettes.

What’s more, if you don’t actually intend to quit smoking, vaping provides a viable long term alternative which interestingly will eventually lead even the hardened smokers to quit. This method takes on a no-pressure approach to kicking the habit.

So if you weren’t originally thinking about quitting, vaping will eventually lead you there without you even realizing it. Perhaps the most important benefit you derive from vaping is that it reduces your risk for cancer.

Once you start using vaping as a substitute for cigarette smoking, you’ll find your cravings reducing significantly. What’s more, a controlled reduction in the concentration of nicotine in your e-liquid eventually reduces your dependence on the substance. This makes it a lot easier to wean yourself off vaping completely.

Sometimes, social or emotional pressure may lead a vaper to relapse with a cigarette. The beauty of vaping is that in most cases, it won’t be a full relapse. Chances of getting back on the vaping horse are much higher than if you were using any other method to quit, like say nicotine gum or patches.

The Final Word

The secret to using vaping to kick the habit lies in the speed with which you do it. It needs to be done slowly and gradually. Even as you lower the strengths of the e-liquid, give it a bit of time before you decide to slide down the next level.

If you do it too fast, you might find yourself going from smoking zero-strength e-cigs to smoking full blown cigarettes. The longer you take in the various strengths, the more likely you are to kick the habit permanently.

Do yourself a favor, and try vaping today. In the meantime, read about how the FDA is banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

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