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Farmer amputates his own leg with pocket knife

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OMAHA, Neb. (WSIL) -- A farmer faced with a life-or-death choice chose to live by cutting off his own leg.

The 63-year-old Nebraska man was forced to make the decision after getting stuck in farming equipment.

"I was unloading corn into a bin, well, moving corn and taking it from one place to the other," Kurt Kaser said. "Stepped into the hopper in the little hole. It just sucked my leg in and I was trying to pull it out, but it kept pulling," he said.

There was no one around to help and Kaser couldn't find his cell phone to call anyone.

"I thought, 'How long am I going to stay conscious here?' I did know what to expect. I felt it jerk me again and I thought it would grab me and pull me in further," Kaser said.

He was left with only one option.

"I had my pocket knife in my pocket. I said, 'The only way I'm getting out of here is to cut it off,' so I just started sawing at it."

Kaser amputated his own leg.

"When I was cutting it, the nerve endings, I could feel, like, the ping every time I sawed around that pipe, and all at once it went and it let me go and I got the heck out of there," Kaser said.

Kaser then army-crawled to his home and called 911. He is currently going through rehabilitation and therapy and plans to return to farming, which he has been doing for more than 40 years.

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