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Giving up the Lies: 8 Clear Signs It’s Time to Go to Rehab



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In 2017, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that approximately 19.7 million Americans struggled with a substance addiction of some kind. In other words, addiction in the United States is prominent.

Do you worry that you might be struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Wondering if it’s time to go to rehab? It very well could be.

Here are 8 clear signs that addiction rehab is needed.

Signs You Should Go to Rehab

Plenty of people indulge in alcohol and illegal drugs. However, not all of these individuals are addicted to these substances.

Questioning whether you are? Curious as to whether or not your addiction warrants a trip to rehab? Here are 8 signs that it does.

1. You Have Health Issues Caused by Substance Use

A sure sign that you need to check into rehab is if your substance use has caused you medical conditions. These conditions can be either physical or psychological and can run the gamut from mild to severe.

Common physical conditions caused by substance abuse include hypertension, anemia, cirrhosis, and stomach ulcers. Common psychological conditions connected with substance abuse include insomnia, depression, and anxiety, to name just a few.

If your substance use has gotten so extreme that it’s having negative effects on your mind and body, it has to stop as soon as possible. Rehab can help you get back on the right track. Find more info at this page.

2. Your Substance Use Has Gotten You in Trouble With the Law

Another sign that your substance use has gone too far is if it has gotten you in trouble with the law. This can include anything from being arrested after an alcohol-fueled bar right to being apprehended after trespassing under the influence of cocaine, and more.

While getting in situations such as these doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an addict, it very well could. This is particularly true if these situations are occurring on a regular basis.

3. You Lie About or Hide Your Substance Use

One of the most discreet signs that a person is in need of rehab is if he or she is lying about or hiding his or her substance abuse. Addicts lie about their addictions for two primary reasons: 1. They don’t want to be made to stop, and 2. They feel shame over their addictions.

Are you hiding illicit drugs every time a friend comes to your house? Do you tell your family members that you only had a couple of beers when you actually had an entire case? If so, you could very well be dealing with an addiction.

Initially, you should try to confront this problem on your own. If you struggle in doing that, you need to think about going to a rehabilitation center.

4. Long-held Relationships are Deteriorating Due to Your Substance Use

Friendships end all of the time. That’s just a part of life. However, if friendships are ending due to substance use, said substance use is likely out of control.

The social pattern that many addicts go through is to get addicted to a drug and then gravitate toward those who either do that drug or can supply that drug to them. As a result, these addicts begin to ignore their old friends and take on their fellow drug users as new friends.

Do you feel as though your long-held relationships are deteriorating? Do you seem to be using your chosen drug much more than you once did? If so, you are likely dealing with an addiction.

5. You Use Addictive Substances to Help You Function in Everyday Life

The reason that many individuals get addicted to substances is that they use those substances to feel comfortable in their own skin. For instance, alcoholics often use alcohol as a means of lowering their inhibitions. This, in turn, allows them to function in situations where they would otherwise struggle to function.

Do you feel as though you use your drug of choice in order to help you get through your days? If so, you would be classified as an addict and should seek rehabilitation services as soon as possible.

6. Your Substance Use Has Caused You to Forego Previously-enjoyed Activities

Often times, when a person becomes addicted to a substance, he or she will place his or her full attention on that substance. Every thought, every plan, and every activity will revolve around using. As a result, hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed will be neglected.

Does your drug of choice tend to take precedence over all other things in your life? Have you found yourself foregoing previously-enjoyed activities on a regular basis? If so, your addiction has taken over your life and must be dealt with promptly.

7. Despite Attempts to Quit, You Continue to Use

“This is the last time,” is the motto of many addicts. Unfortunately, it’s very rarely their reality. Despite the fact that they logically want to quit abusing substances, they can’t get themselves to actually do it.

If you’re stuck in this loop, you need to need to think about checking yourself into rehab immediately. You obviously already have the desire to quit. You just need a little professional assistance in helping you to achieve your goal.

8. You Experience Withdrawals When Not Using

A surefire sign that you’re addicted to a substance is if you feel withdrawal symptoms when not using it. If you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms, it’s because your body has become so accustomed to your drug of choice that it struggles to function without it.

Withdrawal symptoms can run the gamut from nausea to vomiting to headache to anxiety to insomnia and much more. If you’re experiencing these symptoms while not using, rehab is needed.

Looking to Learn More About Addiction?

Do your actions and behaviors indicate that you should go to rehab? If so, you shouldn’t hesitate. Rehabilitation centers have helped millions of people to kick drugs and alcohol, and they could very well help you.

Looking to learn more about addiction? If so, CBS8 can help. Our site has a wealth of useful addiction information.

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