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8 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Retreat


According to a recent study, people who take vacations aren’t any happier than people who do. The effects are short-lived, the memories fade and then we return to our everyday lives for another year. But there’s a solution. Happiness can be found elsewhere. Forget about vacations, think about a retreat

Retreats aren’t vacations – they’re vacations with a purpose. You don’t just go on a retreat, you experience it. And it stays with you long after return.

Here are 8 reasons you need to book a retreat this year.

1. If you learn new things, it changes you

Retreats come in all shapes and sizes.

You can go to healthy eating, meditation or yoga retreats, there are writing retreats or surfing, biking, and camping retreats. The main thing is – you will learn something new.

Clever people tell us that meditation changes your brain structure and makes you smarter.

If you meditate at least 4 times a week, your brain starts to process information faster. It increases the volume and density in the regions of the brain dealing with memory and emotions. This will change you.

Learning any new skill has similar effects. Even juggling can change your brain for good.

Go on a retreat and come back a changed person.

2. Switching off is vital for our brains

Everyone is busy now. We don’t want our lives to be trivial and meaningless so we fill up our days to prove it.

Psychologists say that distancing yourself from the stress of everyday life, going to new places with different people, leads to original thoughts.

But we need downtime.

In idle, our brain is doing a bit of housekeeping. It checks the recent data, memorizes the information it thinks is important and imprints it somewhere among our synapses.

10-minute naps immediately enhance a person’s brain performance much better than longer naps.

Over a period of time, your mental resources become depleted and you need various types of downtime to replenish it. Health and well-being retreats will provide the time for you to recharge.

3. At a retreat, it’s all done for you

On a vacation, you have to organize the things that you want to do. With retreats, this is mostly done for you.

You don’t have to worry about schedules or finding places to go to make your day interesting. Finding places and getting to places, in a location you are unfamiliar with, can be quite a stressful experience.

A retreat takes this stress away from you and leaves you with time to focus on the goals of the retreat.

4. Like-minded people

A retreat has a goal. Everyone on the retreat has similar interests or worries. They can help you in many ways. Giving you support, advice you may not have thought of or just friendship.

These people are there to help. When things get tough it’s always good to know that you are not alone.

Making friends who stay friends after you’ve returned home doesn’t often happen on normal vacations.

Retreats provide this opportunity. Make friends that last.

Or go with a friend. There are many retreats for couples and families.

5. Guidance

Retreats have professional people on hand to help you. These could be spiritual, mental or physical experts and all will help you with exercises and classes to improve your abilities.

These exercises and techniques take into account your needs and learning style.

They help to improve your well-being at the retreat but give you the information you need to keep going long after the retreat is over.

All the centers included on this site have excellent, fully qualified, professionals available to give advice and encouragement during your stay.

6. Nature

Retreats generally give you the chance to experience the peace and quiet of nature.

Wellness retreats are usually in secluded locations that allow you to forget about the noise of everyday life.

Being outside has a number of effects on your health.

One test showed a 20% gain in short term memory after a walk in a park as opposed to a city.

Another study demonstrated that the feeling of awe you get from the vastness of nature restores your mental energy and reduces stress.

Other advantages are increased concentration and a boost in creative problem-solving.

Nature is a great healer. Having an adventure outside will be something you’ll remember.

7. It’s good for business

Getting people out of the office and spending time with their co-workers in a different environment is good for business.

How many times have to met someone outside of work and they’re a totally different person?

In-office training leads to wasted time as workers get distracted and return straight to their desks afterward.

Because retreats get them away from this and give people something different to talk, they get to know each other better. A team who like each other will work more efficiently.

Corporate retreats including training and fun at inspiring locations. That’s good for business.

8. Long term advantages

A retreat caters for your passions or your concerns. You have a reason to go whether it’s well-being or adventure or time to reflect on a situation in your life, you’re there to achieve something.

Stop your life for a while.

Ignore the internet.

Tell everyone you’re out of action.

Don’t feel guilty about any of this or any of the things you should be doing at home. If you’re somewhere where you can’t take care of your responsibilities, any guilt you feel about that will disappear.

The creative challenges and problem-solving skills you have been introduced to during your time away will stay with when you return to your regular life.

Meditation has proven long term advantages. Learning and continuing with any meditation techniques you may have acquired has proven to help you in your ongoing life.


A retreat is a vacation that stays with you long after it’s finished.

You will meet people who share your interests. You will have time to learn and think under the guidance of professionals.

And you will make friends.

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