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UNSUNG HERO: Flags for West Frankfort Veterans

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WEST FRANKFORT -- A West Frankfort man is honoring our nation's heroes with a simple act of thoughtfulness.

"You can't ask for any more than what these people right here have done for our country," said Army Veteran Dennis "Dink" Broy.

Dink regularly takes time out to look at the names on this Veteran's Monument remembering his time in Vietnam.

"Most of these guys were in their 20s when they were killed," said Dink.
The memorial has all the names of soldiers from West Frankfort who died in the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam. It also displays three flags, the Illinois State flag, the American flag and the Prisoners of War flag.

"As a veteran, we see it as sacred ground," said Dink.      

A sentiment he shares with Chuck Wortman a non-Veteran.

"All these people gave their lives so we could be standing here doing what we're doing here today," added Chuck.      
In early March, Chuck noticed two of the flags missing.

"There was just the American flag. It was the only one there and it was torn up pretty good," explained Chuck.  
Without hesitating he grabbed the heavy duty flags he keeps at his house and replaced all three.

"I'm real observant. I pay attention to stuff like that. I always keep an eye on this flag over here and I just look at flags all the time. Just something I do," said Chuck.   
Dink says the VFW used to replace the flags twice a year, on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.    
"That's why I appreciate this so much. We used to maintain these flags but now the veteran's organizations are pretty much non-existent," said Dink.  

He said Chuck could have chosen to ignore it, but instead went the extra mile.

"For doing a thing that a lot of people would think is a minor thing but as a Veteran, we know it's a major thing."

"If it makes them Veterans happy, then that makes me happy," added Chuck.  

If you look closely you start to notice that even the flags appear to stand proudly over the memorial.

"It's something we don't want people to forget," said Dink. "It's the ultimate sacrifice," said Chuck. "It's is the ultimate sacrifice. It was," agreed Dink.

Chucks grandfather was in the Marines for 32 years and right now his son is serving in the United State's Army and stationed in Fort Campbell. He said he will continue to replace the flags if needed.

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