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EF-2 tornado rips through West Paducah business

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PADUCAH, Ky. — An EF-2 tornado damaged dozens of businesses and homes throughout western McCracken County Thursday morning. 

Crews are working overnight night to pick up power lines and restore power after the tornado ripped through West Paducah.

The tornado touched down just before 9:30 Thursday morning along Highway 62. 

McCracken County Sheriff Matt Carter says he believes it was truly an act of God that there were no major injuries.

"It was about a five-mile pass for the tornado so I believe there's only one answer no one was hurt and it's the hand of Almighty God protecting this community," Carter said. "We have been blessed through this. This could have been a high fatality rate situation."

One of McCracken County Sheriff's Deputies was in the line of the tornado. 

After the high winds and debris whipped around the vehicle, the car only sustained popped tires and blown out windows. 

Carter says the deputy was not injured. 

The driver of another car sustained minor injuries when his car became wrapped in a grain bin around power lines.

"That's the first I've ever seen a motor vehicle become entangled in a grain bin," Carter said. 

Dennis Sanders was at work with eight other employees when the tornado tore through the Wilbert Vault business in West Paducah.

"We knew there were storms coming, I watched the first storm go by and move to the northeast and thought we were going to be safe and okay," Sanders said. 

Sanders says the next thing he knew, the garage door blew out. 

"Two minutes later everything calmed down and half of our building was gone in the back," Sanders said. 

Wilbert Vault Services manufactures concert burial vaults. They have a second location in Herrin. 

"I was maybe expecting a door to be down or some blocks down," Sanders said. "I had no idea that the whole back of the building would be gone."

Sanders says the building is 50-years-old and just couldn't sustain the winds of an EF-2 tornado. 

"I have never been through a tornado before and hopefully this is the last time," Sanders said laughing. 

Sanders said no one at the business was injured.

The business does have three funeral services on Friday and Sanders said they plan to go on with business despite the damage. 

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