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Court moves to de-annex property out of Spillertown

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SPILLERTOWN, Ill. -- A Williamson County judge effectively kicked some residents out of Spillertown.

The state sued Spillertown in February after the village annexed some additional property into the village in 2006, and the village agrees the annexation was improper.

"So now, we don't belong anywhere," former Spillertown resident Rachelle Campbell said.

Campbell is one of dozens of people who live in the Country Meadows subdivision off of Linck Road, which had been part of Spillertown for years until Wednesday's court hearing.

"The ordinance that annexed that subdivision... was legally improper because that subdivision is not even connected to the rest of Spillertown," Spillertown village lawyer Jonathan Cantrell said. "It's only connected by a road, and you can't do strip annexations like that."

Cantrell said the village tried to spend motor fuel tax money on road repairs before a vote on the village's future April 2.  

A ballot question asks voters about dissolving the village, and if that happens, that money would go back to the state.

Cantrell said that wouldn't help anyone.

"Both the village and the county want to avoid a situation where the entire village is inadvertently dissolved as a result of the referendum, when really it's just this subdivision that should be cut out of the village," Cantrell said.

Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes said there were 219 registered voters in the village of Spillertown before Wednesday's court hearing, but did not have enough information about the court ruling when asked about it Wednesday morning to see how many voters would be affected by it.

Neighbors said there are more than 30 homes in the subdivision.

Campbell said the village hasn't been doing it's job when it comes to road repairs or other services, which is why Country Meadows residents organized the petition to get the dissolution question on the ballot.

"At this point, I believe we should dissolve Spillertown because they haven't done anything for anybody in Spillertown," Campbell said. "It is really, really bad."

And she's worried their voices will be silenced on the ballot question.

"They do not want our votes to count," Campbell said.

Cantrell said they'll still be able to vote on the question because officials can't legally change the ballot now, but if voters approve the measure to dissolve the village, the village will challenge the result.

"It's such a unique issue," Cantrell said. "I don't think it's ever been before the Illinois Supreme Court, so we don't have any judicial precedent to compare to."

Campbell said residents of the subdivision plan to hire a lawyer and challenge Wednsday's ruling.

Cantrell said the county will assume control of the de-annexed property.

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