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Prepare your homes for the colder temperatures

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HERRIN, Ill. -- With bitterly cold temperatures and below-zero wind chills expected this week it's important to make sure you're prepared.

Roberto Petro, Service Manager at Pass One Hour Heating and Air, says, "The colder it is outside, the harder this thing is going to be working. Right now is really when people are depending on their systems to run at 100 percent."

While you may have a high efficiency heating and cooling unit for your home it's important to make sure it's working properly especially when we see a major drop in temperatures.

Petro explains, "On average we're finding that systems leak a half a ton to a ton of their heating and cooling right out of their duct work and they don't even know it until they have their system tested"

Petro also says if your system doesn't want to shut down you may have a problem, "Your duct system is where the air that those boxes are delivering, it's where it lives so if I'm leaking that air into the crawl space or the attic and I'm heating and cooling in essence those unconditioned spaces your now having to bring outside air from other source into the home."

A draft coming from a window is another sign that you have a leak somewhere in your home but covering that draft may not always be the best option.

Petro says, "That can help it but what you're doing is, that's kind of a band-aid because now instead of pulling it through your window, it's going to pull from a light fixture or somewhere else like that to where you're going to be having some other issue somewhere else in the house."

Regular routine maintenance is crucial when is comes to extreme weather. Petro says, "Now we're running into people who haven't had their maintenance done and now they're starting to see some of the effects of the harsh weather hitting their system."

The best ways to avoid problems with your heating and cooling system is to maintain a clean air filter and have fresh batteries in your thermostat.

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