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Beane filling role as bench player for Salukis

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CARBONDALE -- On a team loaded with upperclassmen, freshman Darius Beane has provided a major spark off the bench. Beane's success on the floor is something he used to dream about while watching his brother Anthony have a great career in the maroon and white.

It's not easy living in the shadow of an older brother, just ask Darius Beane, who is already making an impact for the Salukis in his freshman year.

"It's crazy. It's a lot of fun, a lot of high expectations, but I enjoy it, like there's not really no pressure on me. Just come out and be myself, and I feed off of it," said SIU freshman guard Darius Beane.

Like most freshman, Beane was faced with a tough decision on whether or not to redshirt, but decided to take on his new role immediately instead of sitting out his first year.

"Just whatever they needed. I feel like I could come out and contribute. So I just decided and the coaches just decided it would be best if I just play this year. It was like a mutual decision, we talked about it, and it would just be best for me, and I also really wanted to play, because with the players we have, I feel like we can go far, and it would be fun to be a part of," said Beane.

Along with forgoing his redshirt option, Darius gets the unique opportunity to play under his father, Anthony Beane Senior, as did his older brother, Anthony..

"As a father, you know, you want your kids to have passion, and once they show that passion, my wife and I, we tried to nurture it, and help them within that passion, and both of those guys have that passion to be great," said SIU assistant basketball coach Anthony Beane Sr.

"Yea he's real hard on me. during practice, he'll talk to me a lot about what I need to do better and stuff like that," said Beane.

And although Darius loves the direction he gets from his dad as a coach and a father, he was more than ready to get out on his own once the school year drew near.

"My wife and I had actually went and visited some family away in Southeast Missouri, and it was his day to move out to the dorms, and we wanted him to wait until Sunday so we could help him move into the dorm, but he left on Saturday. so we knew then he was trying to get away from us," said Beane Sr.

As Beane continues his first year as a Saluki, he's just happy to be that spark off the bench for his team.

"I think he does a really good job of using his athleticism to his advantage, and understanding that it's not easy to play at this level, but he's adjusting really quickly," said SIU junior guard Aaron Cook.

"It's just me being patient. I know I can come in and contribute. I want to be a spark off the bench all the time, just come in and be able to make big plays, ignite and get the team going," said Beane.

And it's hard to miss when Darius is the one making those big plays, especially at home

"Dariusss... BEEEEAANEEEEEEE, I forget how he says it," said Cook.

"Yea we need AC(Aaron Cook) over here, I can't do that right, I mess it up, he'll tell you. I mean, it's really funny to me, I enjoy it, I know the crowd enjoys it, stuff like that. Whenever I'm walking around, couple people will say it too when I'm walking to class, so it's really funny," said Beane.

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