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Family members gather search party for missing man

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JOHNSTON CITY, Ill. -- The search continues for 42-year-old Shawn Murphy who went missing from Arrowhead Lake Campground in December. 

More than two dozen of Murphy's family and friends spent their Sunday searching the campsite in Johnston City, where he was last seen on December 12. 

Connie Gentemann, Murphy's sister, lead Sunday's search looking for any evidence to help give police a lead. 

"We searched the whole wooded area of the lake," Gentemann said. "We went all the way back to the fence of the lake. The whole perimeter of the lake has been searched by foot now."

Gentemann says her brother had been camping with a friend in Johnston City since the end of November. 

The last time she talked to Shawn was the Saturday after Thanksgiving when he arrived at the campground. 

"He had texted me to let me know where he was staying because he always let me know where he is at and that's why I'm so worried," Gentemann said. 

Murphy's friend came home to the campsite one night in December and found the camper door open without Shawn inside. 

"He has never gone this long without contacting anyone, and to leave what belongings he did leave behind, that's what is worrisome," Gentemann said. "His ID, clothes and phone were all left behind."

Gentemann says their search only covered one area where he might be, and she asks everyone to keep their eyes out for Shawn. If you have any information, contact police.

"He is a very loving person," Gentemann said. "He loves nature and animals, that's why he was at the lake. He loves fishing and is a very good-hearted person." 

You can find more information on the Find Shawn Murphy Facebook page here

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