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Government shutdown impacts local jails

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WSIL -- Local jails aren't receiving any money for housing federal inmates because of the government shutdown.

Several jails, including the Perry County Jail and the Saline County Detention Center, have contracts with the U.S. Marshals Service to house federal prisoners.

For Perry County, that means about $1,900 a day, and in Saline County it's about $550 per day.

"Right now, we're so early in the fiscal year, we're only a month in, so we have the rest of the year's operating budget to operate on now," Saline County Sheriff Whipper Johnson said. "So if it continues, it may cause problems later on in the year, but as of right now it's not a problem at all."

Perry County Sheriff Steve Bareis said it could affect his county quite a bit.

"It's a big impact, not seeing that money come in," Bareis said. "And being a small county, most of this money underwrites the expenses of my jail so we can keep in operation, so it's a big necessity to have that."

The sheriff's departments will get paid once the shutdown ends.

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