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New law takes dogs away from "reckless" owners

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WSIL -- A new law punishes dog owners who fail to keep their pets from attacking others.

Senate Bill 2386 allows a judge to determine if someone is a "reckless dog owner."

For example, if a person's dog kills another dog while off their property and the owner allows the dog to continue roaming free, that person would not be allowed to own dogs for 1-3 years.

Saline County Sheriff Whipper Johnson said the law means people need to keep better track of their pets, but it's not going to significantly impact the way officers handle animal cases.

"There's efforts being made all the time to move forward, to take care of animals and keep people safe, but these are so minor changes that it doesn't really change anything we do," Johnson said. "I mean, we already take possession of animals that are injured or neglected or things like that."

The only lawmaker who voted against the bill was State Rep. Terri Bryant, (R) Murphysboro.

We have reached out to her for comment but have not heard back.

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