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Johnston City Council appoints new mayor

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JOHNSTON CITY, Ill -- The Johnston City Council decided Thursday night who would become the city's newest mayor. 

Former mayor Jim Mitchell died from a respiratory illness on Tuesday. Mitchell served as mayor for seven years. 

Eight aldermen decided the Doug Dobbins will fill the role left vacant by Mitchell. 

Dobbins will serve the remainder of his term for two years. 

"I'm a little bit surprised," Dobbins said. "I'm definitely excited and it's an honor to serve this little community. I'll try to follow what Jim would have done."

Dobbins is a southern Illinois native, he and his wife have raised three kids in Johnston City. 

"I spent 40 years in the coal mining business and most of that time as a engineer," Dobbins said. "I've also coached every level of baseball and football in this town."

Dobbins has served as an alderman with the Johnston City Council previously. After taking a few years off, he returned to the position last year. 

"Mayor Mitchell asked me to be on the council," Dobbins said. "He asked me for help and I felt obligated to the city, so I tried to give it my best shot."

Alderman Alan Peebel says Dobbins a good person for the position.

"I think Doug is going to do a great job," Peebel said. "He obviously had the support of the city council."

Dobbins said he plans to continue doing the best he can as mayor of Johnston City. 

"With the support of these people, the council, the chiefs we have in place and the city workers we have, it's a good team," Dobbins said. "That's why we have been coming out of the red into the black and why we need to keep the ball rolling down the right lane."

Within the coming weeks, Dobbins has to decide if he wants to resign as an alderman or continue both jobs. 

If he resigns as alderman, he can appoint a new position to fill his shoes in Ward Three. 

If he continues both titles, he can only vote as either an alderman or mayor.

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