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Weather can wreak havoc on roads

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WSIL -- If you feel like you've been running over more potholes recently, you may be right. Cold and rainy weather can cause the roads we drive on to be bumpy.

Moisture below the surface expands the pavement above when it freezes, when temperatures thaw, so does the ice, leaving the expanded pavement unsupported. Traffic can then cause damage to the roadway, often resulting in potholes. 

Beth Lipe with the Perry County Highway Department encourages you to call in when you notice one, "Hopefully we can catch them before they are larger and deeper, but sometimes, you just, you know, we can't do that, we just have to wait for the public to call."

Potholes though, aren't the only side effect of southern Illinois Weather. Sinkholes can form after heavy rains, as one did in downtown Carbondale near the Town Square.

Robert Hardin with the City of Carbondale says they have temporarily repaired what he calls a sinkhole, "The first thing, we had to dig everything out, repair the storm sewer, underneath. Then we actually poured concrete collars around that repair,  and then filled it with rock and then capped it with temporary surface for the time being."

The City of Carbondale says it has plans to permanently fix the brick roadway where the sinkhole developed.

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