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Police make drug arrests in Jefferson County

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MT. VERNON, Ill. -- After months of investigations, officers with the Mt. Vernon Police Department and deputies with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office went on a warrant sweep. 

Early Wednesday morning, officers knocked on doors trying to find suspected criminals wanted on drug charges. 

"Typically we will cover any kind of exit. They'll put somebody on the back door," said Detective Captain Koontz. 

Officers went to Luan Crable's house and picked her up on Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance. Detective Captain Vic Koontz says prescription drug abuse in Mt. Vernon is a growing problem and a difficult one to make arrests on. 

"If we were to go in to a house and find cocaine on the table, we could arrest a person for possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance. But if we go in the house and find prescription pills, they typically will have a prescription for those pills," said Koontz. 

Crable is accused of selling them illegally, like many do. In 2017, 10 percent of Mt. Vernon's Narcotics Division drug arrests were for prescriptions. 10 percent were cocaine. 20 percent were for heroin and 60 percent were for methamphetamine. 

During the sweep, Nicola Jenkins was arrested on a warrant for Possession of Methamphetamine. 

Koontz says the team had 14 warrants, but only made seven arrests. Still, he calls the round-up a win for the community. 

"It's always a success when we get drug dealers off the street. These warrants will still be valid, so they'll be picked up sooner or later," said Koontz.  

Koontz said in past warrant round-ups, those wanted will turn themselves in later that day after learning authorities were knocking on doors looking for them. 

Koontz says arrests could be made sooner, but in an effort to build a stronger case and protect source identities, they wait several months before tracking them down.

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