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Murphysboro father videotapes drivers passing stopped school buses

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MURPHYSBORO, Ill. -- A Murphysboro father hopes to keep kids in his neighborhood safe by recording video of drivers illegally passing stopped school buses. This, as a 7-year-old Maryland girl is fighting for her life after being hit Tuesday while getting off her school bus.

Earlier this month, we reported on several kids being killed at their school bus stop by drivers passing stopped school buses. Many viewers took to our Facebook page to tell us about similar incidents happening here. That's how News 3's Emily Manley found Jack Wilson. 

Wilson took matters into his own hands when he started hiding a GoPro behind a telephone poll in his neighborhood after getting tired of drivers passing school buses. 

He called Murphysboro Police about drivers passing his kids' school buses, but they told him he needed evidence.

"I just got tired of drivers not stopping for the bus, so that's why I started with my GoPro," Wilson said. 

Wilson and his family live a couple of blocks away from Murphysboro Middle School. He began recording video of drivers two months ago. Police tell him they ticketed six of the nine drivers he recorded passing the bus.

"I just wait for the car to pass and then call dispatch to let them know," Wilson said. "I tell them I have another car that passed a bus and they ask me to come up and deliver the footage."

When the police return the thumb drive back to Wilson, they let me know if they are able to give the driver a ticket. 

"They say that their computer system can go frame by frame through the video I give them," Wilson said. "The police say they can see the person driving and the license plate."

Wilson hopes his video and police tickets will prevent accidents from happening in his neighborhood.

"The way I see it, if they can't wait 30 seconds then they don't need to be where they are going because where else are they going to be reckless at," Wilson said. 

Wilson says after one lady got a ticket for passing a school bus by his house, she stopped to apologize after she paid her ticket. 

Police say if you see a driver go around a stopped school bus with its lights on, write down the car's license plate number to report it to them.

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