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Deer 'knocks' on door of Marion man

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MARION, Ill. -- The weather has many animals looking for shelter to get in out of the cold. 

Wednesday morning, Marion resident Jason Powell woke up to a knock at his door and found an unusual guest.

"I jumped up and went to the front door and didn't see anything," Powell explains. "I look down the hallway and see this huge buck standing at my back glass door just staring at me."

Powell took out his phone to record the incident and approached the door carefully, not wanting to spook the animal into his pool.

"When you're nose to nose with a big buck, and still in your underwear trying to figure out what you're going to do, there's not a lot of options at that point," he says. 

The video shows the deer looking away from the door several times. Powell, who lives near the Marion VA Medical Center, believes the animal might have been distracted by the noise of the nearby interstate. 

Viewers can then see the deer almost wiping his hooves to indicate that he was ready to come into the house.

"Is this like a pet deer? Does he know, I better wipe my feet off first and come on in? Or is he getting ready to charge me?" Powell laughs

Powell says the buck knocked his antlers on the glass door several times and much harder than he caught on video, "I think he was just really trying to figure out if there was another deer there." 

After Powell scared the animal away he says the buck wanted to let him know he wasn't really scared, "He was kind of prancing and strutting around. He kept looking back at me, like kinda staring me down, like trying to show me who's the boss I guess." 

Powell is making light of the situation and poking fun at his friends who hunt. 

"They spend a lot of time and money getting ready and going hunting," Powell laughs. "And I said they're just asking to come into my back door, knocking on the door." 

Powell says neighbors have suggested that he leave some corn out for the deer, and he just might for laughs to see if the buck comes back.

At about 4:22 into the video you can hear the buck "knocking" on the door with his antlers. At about 5:00 in Powell is forced to open the door to scare off the buck who kept knocking on the glass.

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