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City leaders work to fix 'dangerous' Marion intersection

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MARION, Ill. -- Leaders in the City of Marion want to make changes to what drivers say is a dangerous intersection. 

Dozens of people who drive in Marion say they've seen countless cars and trucks running the red light at Route 13 and Halfway Road to make left turns into the truck stop or to eat at nearby restaurants. 

News 3 was at the intersection on Wednesday for fewer than 30 minutes and witnessed dozens of drivers making a left on a red light.

Marion City Commissioner Angelo Hightower brought up the intersection during Monday night's city council meeting, "I just remember over the years it's been a very dangerous intersection and recently I've been approached by several citizens wanting to address it." 

Other city leaders agree with Hightower, something needs to be done to the intersection. Marion Mayor Anthony Rinella says the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has to fix the issues because Route 13 is a state highway. The mayor also says the city will be talking to IDOT in the coming days to figure find the best solution. 

"I wonder if a sign 500 feet prior to the intersection we can put up a sign that says truck stop at the light or photo enforced," Hightower said. 

Hundreds of viewers commented on our Facebook page when we asked for opinions about the intersection.

Even Marion police officer Justin Francis sees there is a problem here everyday. 

Francis calls the set up "poor," saying the entire placement of the light needs to be adjusted. 

The city plans to place temporary cameras at the stoplight within the next week to study the intersection. But Hightower says the city doesn't want to put up any photo enforcement equipment for the purpose of revenue. 

"The objective for the camera would be for public safety," Hightower said.

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