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Hack SI helps grow minds of all ages

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CARBONDALE -- Hundreds of technology enthusiasts spent the weekend experimenting with drones, robots and 3D printers at Southern Illinois University. 

Participants gathered at the Dunn Richmond Center for the 6th Annual Hack SI event. 

People ages 6 through 60 spent Saturday and Sunday working on everything from graphic design to developing drone technology. 

Mason Parrone and Christopher Chrum's project started with a coffee cup covered in wires, cooling down a hot cup of Joe to the perfect temperature. The duo has been coming to Hack SI since the event started in 2013. 

"Even though this is our sixth year here, we learn something new every time we come here, whether it's being taught from someone else or something we figure out when working on our hack," Mason said. 

Donnie St. Armour first attended Hack SI last year. She says she found her love in the tech world because of puzzles. 

"You have an end goal to a hack and you know you have to get there but don't always know the steps that are going to get you there," Donna said. "Just like a puzzle."

Donna says attending Hack SI helped her make a life change. 

"I'm now taking what I started here at Hack SI and made it my entire career," Donna said. 

This weekend she created a clip for her wheel chair, so when she is wheeling across campus, she doesn't get wet. 

Vice President of Hack SI, Jacob Morton, says the group started as a way to get individuals together in the community with like-minded interests, specially in technology. 

But why the name Hack SI?

"We wanted to let people know and realize that there is not always a negative connotation to the word 'hack'", Jacob said. "We wanted people to know a hack can be a positive thing as well."

When asked what Jacob's favorite hack of the weekend was, he didn't have an exact answer. 

"The really cool thing to me was when somebody needed help or someone was looking for a tool to make their project work, somebody would step in and say 'hey I know how to do that," Jacob said. 

The event wrapped up at 8 p.m. Sunday after presentations and judging.

Visit Hack SI's website here. 

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