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President Trump urges voters to support Congressman Bost's bid for re-election

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MURPHYSBORO -- Congressman Mike Bost welcomed President Donald Trump to southern Illinois Saturday.

During the rally at Southern Illinois Airport, Bost thanked the large crowd for coming out to show how much southern Illinois loves the president.

Bost and President Trump said it was up to the people of southern Illinois to get out and vote to help keep the U.S. House in Republican control.

Earlier before the rally, News 3 got to interview Bost about his expectations.

Andrew Feather: "What's it like for you to have the president coming in to campaign for you?

Congressman Mike Bost: "You know, there is nothing I've had like this before. We're seeing people from all over. I think there's about five states so far that we know of that people are coming in from. And people are excited to see. He draws crowds like this every place he goes.

AF: "So this is, potentially, the toughest race of your life--"

MB: "It is the toughest race of my life. There's no doubt. And our polls are very good right now. But the poll that matters is the one on Tuesday--a week from Tuesday. We need to make sure our voters get out. This helps motivate our base and stir them up and get them out. We're going to act like we're 10 points behind, and we need everyone out, and we DO need everyone out, and, so, something like this will help.

AF: "So what are you hoping the president will talk about today?"

MB: "Well one thing we're going to talk about, I'm sure, that moving forward we have to make sure that if the Republicans keep the House [of Representatives] we can move forward with an infrastructure bill. It's vitally important. And also, we've talked about health care, which we do need to deal with that. We need to deal with it in a bipartisan matter. And, maybe, by holding the House, we can send a clear message we've got to do that. And we'll get those that are a little bit afraid of the leadership on the other side, not been willing to break ranks, even thought they've wanted to, and then maybe they will come over and start working with us, and then maybe we can work on those type of things. Let me tell you that the new, that Kevin Brady, I'm sure he'll [President Trump] talk about this, Kevin Brady is the chairman of the ways and means, is working on the 'Tax Bill 2.0', because we want to make sure the economy keeps stimulating, as the president now is making these trade deals, and negotiating the trade deals, by using the tariffs, not as a permanent fixture, but as a temporary lever to draw these countries back into the table to actually get better trade deals is what we're doing, and watching that happen. So, it's about keeping people working."

Bost's Democratic opponent, Brendan Kelly, released the following statement about President Trump's visit:

"I hope President Trump got outside the hanger to see all the folks in Southern Illinois are hurting. I hope Mike Bost and Bruce Rauner got a chance to see the damage they caused to so many lives in Southern Illinois. Bost has been in office for years — years in which life in Southern Illinois has only gotten harder," said Brendan Kelly, candidate for Illinois' 12th Congressional District. "Paychecks aren't growing, the cost of everything from beer to gas to healthcare is rising, and the powerful few on the coasts and career politicians in Washington DC get more power while Southern Illinois suffers. I will work with anyone from any party to make life better for people all over Southern Illinois because after 35 years in office, Mike Bost clearly hasn't."    

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