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Family, friends welcome home Kohen Moore

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UNION COUNTY, Ill. -- Kohen Moore, who was severely injured in a car crash in August, returned home Friday. The 11-year-old boy has been recovering in St. Louis and was released from a pediatric rehab center in the morning.

Gylian Moore, Kohen's mother, drove her son home but had him a bit confused after passing their road. "He's like we're not going home, I want to go home," she says. 

Little did Kohen know, Gylian had a surprise for him. A police and fire escort around Cobden with family and friends lining the streets.

Alto Pass Fire Chief Luke McCann says the escort has been in the works since Kohen began progressing, "We just want to be there and show him that we’re supporting him, and we’re real happy for him to be home."

Gylian recalls Kohen's reaction to the homecoming, "The look on his face. I’m trying to drive and I'm trying to look at him. He was just in awe I think. I think he was just real surprised." 

The truly touching moment for both Gylian and Kohen was having 500 students and teachers holding handmade signs. "When I rounded the corner to the school, I just couldn't keep it in that was it. I had to wipe my tears." 

While Kohen was in awe by all of the support, "I think he was just real surprised. I mean he didn't say a whole lot other than hi hi." 

One of the students to receive a wave from Kohen is classmate and friend Michael Tomas. The two have been friends for three years, playing basketball together. 

"I was excited, and I was feeling like he's back home. He's feeling better and I hope he can come to school, so we can hang out like we used to," Tomas says. 

Gylian says the family is thankful for the homecoming and community support during Kohen's recovery,"Everybody is unbelievable. How they're like your family, Kohen's family, we're here for you." 

Although Kohen will still need to work with a physical therapist so he can walk on his own again, she's just happy the whole family can be back together at home for the first time in nearly three months. 

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