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'Shut Down Trump' rally held in front of Carbondale City Hall

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CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Dozens of protestors rallied in front of the Carbondale Civic Center Tuesday evening to make their voices heard on how unhappy they are with the president's arrival this Saturday. President Trump is holding a rally in support for Congressman Mike Bost at the Southern Illinois Airport in Jackson County.

"I'm not a Trump supporter and I am definitely not a fan of Bost and I know that he's coming here and I wanted to show my not happiness about it," said one protestor.

The event was advertised on Facebook as 'City Assembly to Shut Down Trump.' Speakers voiced their dislike for the president. Carbondale City Council Member, Adam Loos, was among the first to speak at the event, reading a four-page resolution he wrote against Trump holding his rally in Carbondale. 

Loos said, "I also learned a lot from hearing what they had to say there's so many speakers who said things that I didn't know before and so it meant a lot on all fronts and what it meant really was Carbondale is a city that is united."

In the resolution, Loos explained why he feels the president shouldn't be welcome in the city. Loos said it's based on the president's policies and comments toward minorities, the LGBT community, and his attacks on the media.

"I don't speak for Carbondale. I speak for myself when I wrote that resolution in the hopes we would have an opportunity to vote on it tonight," said Loos. But that Carbondale City Council meeting was canceled. 

The protest lasted nearly an hour and a half. There were no President Trump supporters at the rally.

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