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Golconda couple rescues abandoned horse

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POPE COUNTY, Ill. -- Lolita Burton and her husband Steve Walker, Golconda's police chief, have been taking in animals for the past nine years. Their most recent rescue is a 14 to 15-year-old Palomino, which they've named Lucky. 

"A lot of animals need a home and somebody to care about them, so we just step up and take it," Burton says. "Lucky just seems very caring, very gentle. He will follow you around like a puppy dog." 

The horse was found 150 to 200 pounds under weight with maggots in his fur, and a mane mangled so badly that it had to be cut. A sight that upset Burton, "I wanted to cry. I wanted to find the owners and just say why." 

Sheriff Jerry Suits says a driver on Eddyville Blacktop road saw him grazing in a secluded area about a week ago and contacted his office, "They were concerned about what it looked like. That it was just about dead." 

Although the exact circumstances are not known, neglected and abandoned animals are common in the county. "Feed is high and people are struggling out there. I think a lot of times they do just abandon them," Suits explains. 

In the meantime, Lucky has been making progress but its a slow process. "You have to be careful with what you feed them. You can't over do a lot of certain things because it can take them down," Burton says. 

She believes it will take about a year to get him fully healthy again, but for the time being, Lucky can rest easy with his new family. "He was lucky to be found, he was lucky to find a forever home," Burton laughs. 

Anyone with information about the horse to call the Pope County's Sheriff's Office, so deputies can investigate. 

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