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Truth Test: Has JB Pritzker released a tax plan?

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WSIL -- A progressive income tax has long been a point of focus in Democrat JB Pritzker's campaign for Illinois governor. He claims his plan would only raise taxes on the rich.

After being pressed by reporters for months over specifics, Pritzker said he'd release his full plan in the fall during an appearance in Montgomery.

"I'm going to later on in the fall, I'm going to issue a full plan about it," Pritzker said during the appearance on August 14, 2017.

So did Pritzker release his tax plan last fall?

No. And he still hasn't.

Other than saying his tax plan would raise taxes on the rich while lowering them on others, he hasn't released any specifics. 

News 3 caught up with Pritzker last month to try to get details. He didn't give any.

When asked for specifics on take rates he said, "The vast majority of taxpayers in the state of Illinois should get a tax break and those who are wealthiest should pay a higher rate. That's the basic principle of a fair tax system. That's the same system that exists in the vast majority of states in the United States and the federal government,"

We also asked him what income levels or brackets would see increases and decreases under his plan.

He again didn't provide any details, saying, "The rates and the break points will be negotiated with the legislature. We need to make sure that we're meeting the needs of our budget, you know we've got a lot of pressures on the budget."

Did JB Pritzker release his tax plan like he said he would? 

No. We rate his claim as false.

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