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Being courteous to farmers during harvest

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 GALATIA, Ill. -- It is National Farm Safety and Health Week. News 3 spoke with a Saline County farmer about being courteous to those who supply the world with food.

It's harvest season in Southern Illinois, so drivers should be prepared to share the road with big farm equipment.

Randy Anderson is no stranger to dangerous situations while in a combine on the road. He says cars passing him on hills and tailgating happen nearly every time he's on the pavement.

"I've got to the point anymore where I'd just as soon move in the dark at night," said Anderson.

Anderson says from the combine, its nearly impossible to see cars in his rear view mirror. Studies show you're really not saving much time by passing farm equipment. They are usually on the road for a short distance, and if you travel behind one for just one mile it's the equivalent of being stopped at two stop lights.

If drivers get into a rush, a run-in with a machine this large, can be extremely dangerous.

"Most of us out here have a family to go home to and the people that's in them cars is just like us they've got a family, too," said Anderson.

That's why Anderson encourages everyone to give farmers space. A perfect example, News 3 followed his combine to the field and watched as a low-hanging power line caught the combine and snapped.

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