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Gov. Rauner reflects on time as governor, reveals plan for future

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CHICAGO -- Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner made his case to voters with less than two months to go until election day.

In a 30-minute-long speech Thursday, Rauner reflected on his four years as governor and the lesson’s he’s learned as head of state. 

“I’ve grown in office, I’ve changed,” Rauner said “We’ve made progress. I know we can work together to get even more done.”

Rauner says when he initially ran, a businessman with no government experience, he didn’t expect the obstacles and opposition he faced on every reform he tried to implement. 

Rauner says when he took office he was discouraged by the pace of government, and often tried to push through changes, only to increase the partisan divide.

If reelected, he claims he will work more across the aisle because despite their differences, both Republicans and Democrats are working to better the state.

“There are different points of view, different priorities and approaches, even when we share the same view of wanting to improve Illinois,” he said.

Rauner also used the opportunity to hit on a key theme of his campaign, that Democrat JB Pritzker would be too expensive for Illinois.

“If elected he would get big things done,” Rauner said. “Big spending, big tax hikes, and big support for self dealing.”

In a statement, Pritzker said:

While Bruce Rauner finally admitted his failures today, it’s too little too late after he’s forced four years of destruction and devastation on Illinois’ working families. I’m running for governor to clean up Bruce Rauner’s mess and I’ll be the leader we need to get this state back on track.

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