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Women at Work: Beauty Vlogger

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WSIL -- The U.S. Department of Labor reports in 2018 women make up nearly half of our workforce. That's a 53-percent increase from 50 years ago. Still, other statistics show many women continue to face challenges in the workplace. In WSIL's new series, "Women at Work", we'll examine some of those obstacles and how women have overcome them in southern Illinois.

A familiar face for many WSIL viewers can now be seen on a smaller screen. Emily Eddington Dihle was an anchor on News 3 from 2006-2012. Now, she's found success making beauty related videos on her Beauty Broadcast Channel on YouTube. She started making the videos in 2007.

"I had just stumbled across a few random reviews and I thought 'Oh my gosh, people are getting online and they're just talking about makeup, like that's me I need to do that,'" explains Eddington Dihle, "So I just started and it was just the most unimpressive set up."

What started as a hobby turned into a successful business. After more than a decade on YouTube, Eddington Dihle now reviews makeup products for her nearly one million subscribers. She earns a living through two streams: when someone buys a product after clicking on her link under her video; and through AdSense, or commercials that run during her videos.

Now, the 34 year old has made a huge leap in the makeup industry, creating a more tangible product, her very own palettes.

"I felt so vulnerable doing something like this," said Eddington Dihle. "I spent months and months on this very carefully putting it all together and I feel like it's a piece of me out there for everyone."

The Emily Edit makeup is a partnership with Makeup Revolution. It offers a full face palette called "The Needs". "The Wants" is an eye shadow palette that contains shades with unique names with special meaning to Eddington Dihle, such as two named after her daughters: Eve Rose and Belle Violet.

She may not face the exact same obstacles as other women in the workforce, but she still faces challenges as a working mom and wife.

"I feel like you've got to be very strategic and manage your time really carefully," said Eddington Dihle.

A Thomson Reuters Foundation poll finds work-life balance leads the list of concerns for women at work. Next on the list is equal pay, then harassment. Something Eddington Dihle has seen in the form of online bullying.
"There would be some really troubling comments and at first they'd get me down," said Eddington Dihle. "Someone would say. 'I don't like your hair that way, why would you wear that shirt?' and you start to internalize some of those things and you start to think 'Well, OK if I change that I'll be good, right?' No, there's always going to be someone else coming in with that."

Also on the list of concerns is whether a woman will find career opportunities in her line of work. Eddington Dihle believes she's found that new opportunity with her new palettes. Just released at the end of August, her Emily Edit makeup sold out both online, and in many Ulta stores, including the one in Carbondale. 

"Going into Ulta and seeing that empty display, I opened up and cried just in that moment," said Eddington Dihle. "I mean I didn't expect to see that first off, so it hit me just like, 'Wow!' I could not be more grateful for the people in this area, maybe they remember me from the news days and they found my channel and this is meaningful for them and the support has been so, so cool."

You can still find Eddington Dihle's palettes online here. Ulta plans to restock its supply soon.

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