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Hundreds of Trump protesters attend Evansville rally

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Evansville, Ind. -- Hundreds of protesters showed up outside the Ford Convention Center in response to President Trump’s rally. 

Democratic leaders expected activists from 18 counties in Indiana, as well as, Kentucky and Illinois. One of those protesters is Randy Troyer, who has been working at CTS Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana for 24 years. 

" I voted for Donald Trump because I was hoping he would do something to save our plant. My job along with the other hundreds of other people who work there," Troyer says. 

Troyer found out the plant, which makes automotive parts, was closing two years ago. He says since then, the company has been moving jobs to other countries, "They’re going to Mexico, China, Taiwan and other places we probably can’t pronounce." 

He recently joined activist group Good Jobs Nation and decided to attend the rally to send a message to President Trump, "Where are you? What have you done? All the promises you made, what have you done to keep my job here in America? And all the other jobs that we’re seeing going away?" 

While Protester Laurie Ewers joined Indivisible Evansville about a year ago, "I have a lot of friends and family who just don’t do anything, and don’t want to get involved." 

Ewers says she’s disappointed in the president's morals, " I’m tired of the insults that President Trump has done. It's just outrageous, that’s what really made me want to do something." 

She just hopes there will be change in the mid-terms and the next presidential election, "Get out and vote. Get out and vote." 

Several retired activists also believe President Trump has failed on his campaign promise to protect social security and medicaid. They say there are proposed cuts in the 2019 budget. 

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