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Rep. Severin backs legislation to legalize fireworks in Illniois

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WSIL -- The next Fourth of July is nearly a year away, and the way Illinois residents celebrate could change.

Illinois State Representative Dave Severin is supporting HB 5928, which would legalize fireworks in the state.

"So this is just one of those things to me that just makes sense," said Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton). "To allow people in the state of Illinois, give them an opportunity to do what's legal and correct, and help out the state." 

Fireworks have been illegal in the state since 1942, and Illinois is one of four states where consumer fireworks are highly regulated. 

Upon legalization, Indiana and Iowa saw an additional $2.5 and $1.5 million of income from fireworks.

Severin said every bit counts when generating state revenue, but safety is his number one priority. He said legalizing fireworks would eliminate non-licensed vendors from selling.

The Williamson County Sheriff's Department Deputy Brian Murrah asks legislators to think twice about the importance of a little more state revenue over safety.

"The adults may look at it and think 'oh we can handle these safely.' But if there's more of them out there that increases the odds that kids are going to pick them up thinking 'wow this is neat I want this to go bang' and have something unfortunate happen," Murrah said.

Rep. Severin said the General Assembly will review the bill in November, when lawmakers meet in Springfield for the veto session. 

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